Service Loaner Shortage

The Voss Cadillac family would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for your continued support during these challenging times. We continue to wish all of you and your families blessed health and safe travels. 

Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service on a daily basis. Due to the Pandemic and the Micro Chip shortage we have made adjustments in our daily operations to protect you and our employees.

At this time the Micro Chip shortage has shut down manufacturing plants nationwide. Because of these shutdowns inventories have been depleted to record lows. With this shortage of inventory our loaner fleet for service customers has been all but eliminated. Due to this unfortunate situation we have been forced to ask all of you to consider alternate means of transportation when you drop your vehicle off for service. Local rental agencies, Uber, and or limited shuttle services can be used to get you to your destination. Our customer lounge will also be available for your comfort if you choose to wait on your vehicle. 

We greatly appreciate your patience during this period of time. We also ask that you please be kind to our staff as they are not responsible for the current circumstances we find ourselves in.  We will continue to update our process based on vehicle availability. 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.